Kitty Mansions

Ontario is designed to look like a two story house with a roof and a chimney made out of scratching material for your cats to claw on. It offers a quaint looking home with multiple scratching posts and scratching surfaces to protect your furniture from being destroyed.

The Ontario cat tree has one of the thickest posts at 4.7 inches in diameter for extra durability.


Scratching Post: Anyone who owns a cat knows that they love scratching things, especially furniture! Cat Trees with sisal scratching posts give your cat a place to scratch, sharpen their claws, and exercise.

Bedroom: Your cat likes nothing more than a place to call home. The bedroom offers a nice enclosure where your cat feels safe to snuggle up and take naps in.

Platforms: Platforms on cat trees allow your cat to lie down and relax. Sometimes they even prefer sleeping on the platform rather than in the enclosed bedroom.

Multi-Levels: Cat Trees with more than one level fill your cat?s instinct to climb. Cats climb because they feel safer on a higher place away from other animals, such as dogs.

Dimensions: 28x28x47 inches

$ 99.00 $ 139.00

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